Davao City, October 19-22, 2016

I always look forward on my birthday and this time I will celebrate my 28th years of life existence in Davao city.

Hidden beauty of San Remegio Samal Island

It’s my third time in Davao and she never ceases to amaze me. On my four days of stay all I do is to try Davao’s local restaurants and i must say that it is definitely a must try.
Filipino Comfort Food or FCF located in Damosa Business Center were all the food are really tasty. What catches my attention is their Puchero not the usual puchero I know that is dry and full of vegetables. This time their purchero has sabaw or soup. The other one is their Durian ice cream I cannot express how much good it is surely you’ll never know or smell that this is Durian because some of the people didn’t like Durian.
Lachi’s located in Marfori Heights Davao City, try thier famous classic Sans Rival cake. Location is too far from the city but once you get there you’ll say to yourself that it is good that you have try to eat in Lachi’s.

Classic Sans Rival of Lachi’s

Ice Giants there are two loacation where the one located near in Damosa Business Center and the other one is located near in SM Ecoland. Every time I go in Davao I never forget to eat in Ice Giants wherein they are known for their super fine shaved ice cold treats. Their best seller is Mango Giants and Halo-halo. This is a good family or friends hangout because of their family sharing shaved ice giants. I’m hoping that there could have branch in Manila.

Super fine shaved ice mango giants

Red corner burger there are two locations but I have tried in Damosa Business Center. To all the burger lovers out there this is a definite must try. I really wanna go back in Davao and eat burgers in Red Corner everyday. This is the real patty not just the commercialized one. The grilled patty tastes so good it’s like melted in your mouth. For me this is how I described it.

Mosby X El terrible burger in Red Corner

The Coffee Grounds located in Roxas Street Purok 2 Brgy.31-D Davao City. Since I am a coffee lover I always have this ritual to go in a local coffee shop. This travel tip I learned from Samantha Brown which is really good to try. You’ll see all the locals there chatting and enjoying their coffees and you are just acting like a local. So happy that I do this kind of thing and surely will do whenever I travel.

My all time fave cafe mocha

On the last day staying in Davao me and my friends go to Secdea Beach Resort. You will be fascinated by their Maldives inspired resort and their infinity pool that captivates your heart. Daytour is Php1000.00 included the lunch buffet. They really served a good food and I must say that I don’t regret to paid a thousand peso in this kind of daytrip. After having our lunch me and my friends go to Barangay San Remegio Samal. It is advice also one of our colleagues to go in San Remegio. This thought of transferring to another beach location definitely gives us really an adventure. You’ll take one hour road trip plus the bumpy road looks like your in roller coaster. This is really far a way from the city but once you get to the beach location you are really lucky to see this kind of God’s creation. Wherein you can say that those who are really far are the good ones and a must see.

Maldives inspired of Secdea Beach Resort
Mosby basking in the sun at San Remegio Samal Beach Resort

I’m so happy with this birthday trip as I have try all the things that listed on my notes.
Thank you Davao and I never fall out of love with you and I always go back to discover things that I never seen or tried.

“Create a ritual when you travel. Go to the same coffee shop every day. It helps you be more in the moment and feel like a local. – Samantha Brown




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