Camotes Island and Cebu City, November 16-19, 2016

I left my heart in Camotes Island.

Buho Rock Cliff Diving Spot

Upon arriving in Cebu city I have catch-up some of my friends/co-workers. They treat me some lunch in Ayer’s Cebu Litson. Cebu are known for their roasted pig, wherein their dip is not the usual salsa but it is a mixed of soy sauce and vinegar. The special on their Litson is the taste are sink on the deep layer of pig’s meat so you won’t be able to need any condiments for adding taste. After catching up I headed to Pier Uno to catch up the 3:00pm trip going to Camotes Island and to meet my friend Mr.VR. Ferry trip is about two hours away from Cebu City.
We have meet our tour guide there Kuya Jerson Miao. He accompanied us in Bellavistamare Resort where we checked it in for my one night accommodation. Bellavistamare is a beach front resort hotel where you can enjoy the view and make a moment with your own free time. The eatery besides Bellavistamare are all good and cheap and worth the money. Come to think of it a grilled tuna costing for 75php only and it’s really a wow plus the taste is so good.
On the second day Kuya Jerson fetch us to experience the main attraction in Camotes Island. First we visit the Mangodlong Rock Resort where this place is really romantic and best for all the lovers out there who wanted to have a solitude time with their loved ones. Hahaha got a wish that hoping I could have partner too and have time chilling out and enjoying sunrise to sundown in Mangodlong Rock Resort. Second attraction is the Paraiso Cave and Heaven Cave where there’s small pool of alkaline water and have yourself a dip on it. If you’re a claustrophobic and have and asthma don’t try this as most of the main attraction in Camotes is caving. Then next is Lake Danao, where you can see that there has a small islet in the middle of lake where the locals in Danao wondering too how come it would happen. Got to try also having our lunch in the middle of lake while it’s raining. This is such a great experience for me. Next is we go to Buho Rock where you can do cliff diving as much as you want. And I am proud that I have tried jumping in the 20ft high to the sea even though I don’t know how to swim. Anyway there’s a lifeguard there waiting for you when you jump down. This is a level up jump since my first jump in Boracay Magical Island is about 5ft only. Also just wanted to informed you if you’re going to Buho Rock for cliff diving please don’t forget to give a tip for the lifeguard as this is the only way they could earned by means of your tip the Buho Rock doesn’t have the responsibility to provide salary on the lifeguards as this is under government premises. The next attraction is Timubo Cave the alkaline pool water is 75 meters away from the entrance of the cave. The atmosphere is kinda creepy but when you go to the alkaline pools water is really worth it. The alkaline water in Timubo is more different from the Paraiso and Heaven Cave where the water there it kind of a bit salty while in Timubo there’s no any saltiness on the taste of its water. As per Kuya Jerson when they was a kid they used to fetch a pail of water imagine the darkness and farther from its main entrance and they only use a gas lampshade. The last main attraction is the Tulang Diot Island wherein this really captivated my heart. Got to thank that I have seen the sun setting down. I am really fascinated with the sunrise and sunset that really reminds me the infinity of life and we must go on for any ups and downs of our life. I wish that I could stay longer in Tulang Diot Island. When I go back to Camotes I will headed straight to Tulang Diot to basked in the sun and enjoy the island.

Romantic Place in Mangodlong Rock Resort
I trust Him

Camotes made me realized to be thankful in all whether you got small or big blessings. All the people in Camotes live in a simple life you can’t see any big houses there unless you married a foreigner. There’s no jeepney also, the main transportation is habal-habal or motorcycle ride. You can see all the kids and teenagers walking going to their schools. Imagine how far there houses just to pursue their dreams. Also ones that melted my hearts is the lifeguard assisting me in cliff diving even there’s no salary in Buho Rock he still waits for the tourists to come and by giving him the tips which this is the only way he could earn money. The other one is the Mamang bangkero or boat driver who accompanied us in Tulang Diot Island when I gave him the one hundred peso bill and tell him that take the change I saw in his eyes an extra happiness that he was paid a little more. At that time I could have shed some tears but I contained it to myself just not to show some pitty of their lives could be. I realized that I should be more contented to what I have and share some blessings to other people whose in need too. I definitely want to go back in Camotes and do some outreach program. The local in Camotes really made my heart melted and I’m so thankful that I choose Camotes to be my itinerary.

Sunset in Tulang Diot Island

On the last day we just go back to Cebu City. We go to the Cebu Cathedral and do the novena prayer. After that we go to the Basilica de Sto. Niño where in the entrance of the church you’ll will see all the devoted local of Mahal na Sto.Niño. I was lucky that there is a mass and even though the homily is in Bisaya Language I still hear the priest’ preaching. Got a chance to see the Magellan’s Cross from the backside of Basilica de Sto. Niño. Then heading for checking in to San’s Inn Mactan good thing that Mactan Shrine is few meters away from where we stayed in. Got to see Lapu-Lapu shrine, Hernando de Magallanes tower and the paintings of Lapu-Lapu how he defeated Magellan during spanish colonial in the Philippines. I have seen also a Korean Couple having a Korean tourist guide also, which made me amazed more as he discussing the history of Mactan even though his is a foreigner to our country. Also wath catches my attention are the group of guy friends in Mactan Shrine who do selfie-ing and wacky-ing poses in front of their camera phone. It seems like they are enjoying taking a photo which is very odd to some other guys to do a public selfie or groupie what makes it special is with the background music playing in is the Boy Do Fall In Love which make me smile more evenly. Got to asked them if I could join to their groupie, I do this because I see that they are nice and not the rudes ones also they enjoy what they are doing. I just appreciate their friendship and simpleness. What make me laugh is when Mr. VR asked them “Kuya are you a tourist also ‘coz you do picture taking and then they answered no we are locals here”. See how cool and simple they are?! This really make me smile and try not to be snob to other people especially when I am out for travel. At night, we go to a KTV where I have done one of my bucket lists to sing a Korean song “That Man” by Baek Ji Young OST in Secret Garden. I’m so kilig that I have done this and surely will do it again.

Groupie with the nice guys of Cebu City

It is really #Cebukeepsmegoing and will surely go back to see Bantayan and Sumilon which I haven’t seen. And still Camotes made me so happy and to feel more thankful and blessed in all.

Tourist peg and kinda shy to this photo #sorrynotsorry

In everything give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ and I am so happy with this trip.
“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”.

– Matthew 6:33



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