Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, May 7-8, 2016

A poor man’s Boracay!

Rise nd shine El Cañonero!
A day tour with different people actually I was just a joiner on this trip but it doesn’t leave me the feeling of out of place. I can say that if you’re a happy person you can blend to everyone. 
This day tour in Puerto Galera made an extra special since I am the first timer again and I didnt expect that there’s a paradise island hiding in south. We took a bus ride going to Batangas Pier and to catch up the early boat ride of 6:30am so you have to wake up by 2:00am. You will travel the sea by almost 2 hours whether the sea is calm or wavy. 

Good morning Mr. Sun!

Upon heading in the Puerto Galera you will have to pay the environmental fee in order to maintain the cleanliness of the island and the like. 
We have checked in El Cañonero and I like the place it is too far from The White beach resort by the way this is too crowded where all the store and night life are there. And our hotel was far from that, it is the place where you can relax and the beach front is more whitier than The White beach resort. 
What to do in Puerto Galera except from taking a selfie in beach front? There’s a lot activities to do and surely you’ll have fun. You can do snorkeling, hike on the rocks and took a selfie, do some water activities like, riding in banana boat, dragon boat, flying fish, ufo, wherein there’s a speed boat pulling all those I have mention and they will drive so fast that makes you heart pound beat faster then throw yourself in the sea after! Silly isn’t it but so fun! You can also do scuba diving and jet skiing. Have a henna tattoo and braid your hair too! And when the night come the busy lights starts to jumps with the beat of edm sounds! Puerto Galera is really next to Boracay wherein if you want to party in the beach at low cost then there is a place for you in Puerto Galera! 
What made me happy in a this day tour aside from being a beach lover is I have found new friends that made my horizons more wider. You share all the smiles, silly acts, laughs and all crazy stuff to do in the beach! This is a really stressed free trip since I am with different sets of friends all new and not work to be discussed with. I’m so really happy to this tour and I am expecting and looking forward to more travel with you guys! Thanks so much!

Lovin’ my new found friend! heya Arlene!

To give you a summation of cost for this travel is Php3,500.00 including the transport, food, activities and lodging. Cheap but fun right?!
“If I look back I am lost.” – Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones 


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