Hong Kong, April 20 – 23, 2016

It feels good to become child again in the happiest place on earth!

pink x blue Disney Castle!
Disney Castle at 10th year!

Day 1 Manila to Hong Kong

Me and my friends got the promo ticket in Cebu Pacific since this is a promo fare so we got the late night route but well that’s fine as long as you got the cheapest fare then why not?We arrive in Hong Kong at around 12:00 midnight then we buy the Octupos card upon arriving in the airport you will pay 150hkd which the 50hkd and can be refunded later. This Octupos card is very essential because you will use this in transportation whether train, bus or taxi in HK so useful right? We booked our home for 3 days in Atlas Hostel which located in Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Our hosts arranged the car transfer upon arrival. The airport is too far from Tsim Sha Tsui and it will took about 2 hours drive but it doesn’t matter since we really want to enjoy our stay in HK. Upon arriving in Nathan Road, I kinda love the weather though I know in Philippines it’s summer time and it’s too hot that leave the feeling of sticky and dirty but in Hong Kong though it’s summer also but the chill in the air still feels. So we just check in on our hostel then find something to eat I know that me and my friends are all excited and since we have to wake up early for tomorrow instead of walking around so we decided to have rest and save our energy for tomorrow.

Day 2 Disneyland Resort

Early birds woke up and have their breakfast in McCafe i super love the breakfast and I hope that McCafe in Philippines would be like in Hong Kong. The food is too pricy if you always mind the conversion but it’s all worth it and gonna love it. After that, we took a train going to Disneyland Resort! Yipee! From tsim sha tsui Platform 1 Train going to lai king then you will transfer to tung chung and will be headed to sunny bay then from sunny bay station there’s a train transport to disney resort. And there you go upon entering the Disney Resort it all makes you feel giddy and child inside you saying yipee! Here’s some advices what to do and not in Disney first dont forget to bring water as this is the only allowed you can bring, food is not allowed but some small food like nuts can passed but bringing like your lunch meal up to dinner is not. Food in disney is too pricy which you would like to go back in McCafe and eat there from morning to dinner well that’s the price of food in Disney. Don’t forget to bring extra shirt coz surely you’ll get sweaty all day with the rides and the likes. Cameras for taking a selfie is very mandatory too of course took all those moments and memories as you can! Since we have accompanied my god daughter we have a very limit of things do to like riding in extreme rides but it doesn’t matter coz we enjoy taking photos with all the Disney characters it feels like your kid again and whenever you see them it so surreal that you see you fave characters in person! Yeah and this really make me giddy! Then aside from taking pictures with the Disney characters we watch different kind of disney parade like in 3pm parade of all the characters, then at night they have this parade a so called Paint the night where all the characters and their floats has been lighted which made the night more colorful. One thing that I liked in Disney is the Philhar Magic since I am fond in musical theatre I really enjoy this 4d experience and we do it twice! I super love it and this is my first time experiencing this 4d, it will wake up your senses plus your favorite song in Disney will captured your heart and feel like a kid again and you will fall in love again with Ariel’s “Part of your world” and Jasmine and Aladdin’s “A whole new world”. Awww Disney really have a place in my heart. One more you will enjoy in Disney is to buy all the souvenir stuff like shirts, keychains, ref magnet with your fave Disney characters. The end of the show in there is the 9pm musical fireworks display with disney song plus a presentation of remarkable moment of our Disney characters in the front of castle.This experience is something that you have to remember that you once become a kid and always have a kid at heart. 

Mickey and Minnie makes me giddy!
Then going back to our hostel then from Disney resort to sunny bay then transfer to tung chung and be headed to lai king and be back to platform1 to tsim sha tsui, good thing that our hostel is 2 blocks away from the train station. We are all tired but with smile in our heart. 
Day 3 The Peak Tram and Madame Tussauds

Accuweather was never wrong to its forecast as we have checked the weather in Hong Kong during this stay and it’s right it will rain on Friday too bad but this rain can never stop us in going. 

Here’s the way to The Peak back to Nathad Road:

– From Tshim sha tsui platform 1 to central station and once arrive then turn right to charter garden you took upstairs then youll see the bank of china then from left citibank tower to st. Then go ahead as you will see the peak cheung kong center then there’s an escalator way to John Cathedral.

– From the peak then took bus 15c to central terminal then from central station be headed to tsam sha tsui line 1.

Train station guide!
The sky is so kind and he want us to experience The Peak with a little shine above. What to experience in The Peak? You will experience to ride a 100 years operating tram in the world where it is heading to the Highest peak in Hong Kong whick is the Victoria Mountain and you’re seating in the tram like 90 degrees. You will be fascinated in the panoramic view of Victoria Peak will you see the entire port and building of cities in Hong Kong. At night it is more romantic as you will experience to watch the Symphony of Lights wherein some of the lovers in hong kong proposed their love in Sky terrace 428. We haven’t seen the Symphony of lights since we want to maximize our last day in Hong Kong. One thing that amazed us is the lifewax figures of different celebrity in Madame Tussauds. You will see the Royal Family, Marvel characters, K-pop star and especially Taylor Swift I am so fan of her! 😆

Oh my Tay Swift!

Then back to nathan road it is raining again after having our lunch we go for shopping! Since this rain really wont like to stop so we stay in the hostel to get rest and at night we do rummage the street of nathan road shopping again! One more that catch your attention in Hong Kong is you will see Sasa everywhere! So what’s with Sasa? It’s just like Watson where you can buy all the beauty products at low cost! There is Bonjour also and I guess these two store is the leading store in Hong Kong where you can buy and see the beauty products you look at. Perharps named it and they have it! Hahaha.

Sasa here, Sasa there, Sasa everywhere!

I like the experience walking in the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui knowing that you’re a stranger you didn’t know where you head to and what you look for but you keep on walking until you find it. It makes you nervous but it make you feel strong and not afraid on what you will encounter in the road. Good thing we don’t experience to run and hide. Hahaha. I must say that it is safe to walk in Tsim Sha Tsui Nathad Road and Cameron Road. But you’re still a stranger and please be cautious and alert in everything.

Just want to share the expenses for the entire travel:

Aire fare back and fort via Cebu Pacific – Php2,810.00 excluding the travel tax amounting Php1,620.00

Disney Ticket – Php3,300.00

The Peak Tram, Sky Terrace and Madame Tussaud = Php1,500.00 (suggest to buy online to get a discount)

Hostel – Php14,000.00 3N and 4D (divided into four = Php3,500.00/each)

Car transfer from airport – hkd108 (php648.00)

Octopus card – HKd150.00 (hkd50 refundable) 900php

Food entire stay from breakfast to dinner including the snacks and water = hkd479 (php2874.00 converted to 6php)

Souvenirs and other stuffs – hkd1,858.50 (php11,151)

Other means of transportation – Php508.00

Total expenses = Php28,811.00
This is my second out of the country experience but this time is for pleasure and not work. I love riding a plane and planning where to next. I know that I want to travel the world to know the culture, tradition and become a tourist once in a while and to be a disciplined traveller that want to share story with your co-traveller every experience he/she have. Hong Kong really gives me a remarkable, joyful, tiring but full of smiles and wonderful experience that made me says that probably I will be back and see the other spots that I haven’t been too in Hong Kong.

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and what you want.”- Lao Tzu.



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