Fortune Island, Nasugbu Batangas, February 7, 2016

Ancient Greece feels on the top of the hill

Did not expect there is life in a dead island.

It was just a day tour with my college friends, which is supposed to be a college reunion of psy1 batch 2009. However, funny how that we are just five (5) people who attend this said reunion. It was raining in Manila and checking if it was raining also in Batangas because if we are going to push through this activity surely this will be adventurous.
We leaved Calamba City at around 4:30 AM in the morning of February 7, 2016 it was raining then. We are about to chase the boat in Nasugbu Batangas leaving at 7:30 AM It was also raining in Batangas so it’s a bit nervous thinking what will happen during the boat ride going to Fortune Island.

Hello lady what are you looking at?

Upon arriving in port and waiting for our boat still the weather is gloomy. There are two batch of tourist one is the day tour and the other will take the overnight stay. And we my friends we took the day tour, some of the day tour tourist is arguing that they will be the one to follow and decide when will they leave the island because they arrived early and blah blah we really cannot please everybody.
So there we travel for 1 hour from port to Fortune Island and the good thing it is not raining then sunshine very high but the waves are too big and you will feel the chill when the wind blows. It feels like that I did not expect in a dead island that there’s a natural beauty in it. Since we only avail a day tour my friend bring his tent so we could put our bags in there since there’s no any lodging in Island, we  also cook our own food seems like we’re on a camping as there’s no store to buy any food. What you will see in the island are the wreck ship said from Spanish era and there’s a man-made ruins statue of pole, lion, and greek people that will make you feel like you’re in Greece. Actually this island is now trending for those couple who have the pre-nuptial pictorial like I said it feels like you’re in Greece with the ruins of statues also the location was so steep were a very light trekking is required. So get a high knee and move your ass out because when you’re about to plan and have a day tour in Fortun Island there’s a bit perspiration activity which is kinda healthy for me and it is more worth it when you got in the top of the hill. You will see the large body of water and the other side of the Island which is the Nasugbu Batangas town proper. The water is so blue and there is a lot beautiful sea shells and corals, the sand is so fine also like the Island of Boracay, Palawan and etc.


The critique that I could say from this day tour is that we ask our boat driver “bangkero” to pick us up by 3:00 PM to make sure that sea is calm however that day the wave is too big and it’s because of the strong wind also. By then we have fixed our belongings by 2:30 PM so to make sure the Mamang Bangkero will not wait for us for too long. But then this Mamang Bangkero failed to his promised he fetch us by 6:30 PM me and my friends are all worried because the sea is too wavy and the wind is so strong that can able to took down our boat. Some of the boats were parking from the other side of the mountain as still they can’t get near to the shore because of the waves. The tendency all of us were going to swim and from my estimation 500 meters from shores and it seems like we are one of the contestant in Survivor plus the thought of the night is getting darker and the wind is still consistent blowing so strong that make the sea too wavy. Me and my friends are all praying that hope we could get back in the Nasugbu town proper as it seems like that we’re are stuck in the middle of the sea.

Total expenses for the travel is Php2, 120.00 including the van hire back and forth, day tour fee and food.
This is my first travel for 2016, probably the most adventurous one so I must say that I will have an adventurous travel ahead for my next trip.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Philippians 4:13 King James Version (KJV)



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