Boracay Island, October 22 – 25, 2015

Boracay the best place from sunrise to sun down celebrating my 27th year in Boracay!


A no filter shot of sunset in Boracay by yours truly . I must say it’s a perfect timing to caption this kind of perfect moment.
infinity pool in Uptown Boracay Hotel

Day 1,
Welcoming my birthday so we party hard.

Mojito night at red coco bar.

We have enjoyed the beer pong at epic bar.

Dancing wild and free at summer place bar i love the edm there.

Day 2

Heya it’s my birthday!

Buffet breakfast at hotel pig out with my favorite bacon sad that there’s no hash brown!

Helmet diving this one made me so nervous, I don’t know perhaps I just don’t like the feeling under the water. But what’s beautiful in this activity you will feed the fish and good thing that this diver who assist us took lot of photos and video as remembrance. But still i don’t like the feeling I was stayed by 5-10 minutes i guess then I advise that diver that i wanna go up. The feeling that i have is my heart beats so fast and my body’s shaking too much feels likes that even we have helmet oxygen I still can’t breathe because my hearts is pounding. My friends told me when I go up this diver have his show time performance like giving a bubble heart shape in the water and he also dance to entertain them.

The next activity is the flying fish another activity that makes me cry and shout out loud. This flying fish is just like a banana boat. There’s a speed boat that pulling this flying fish boat round in round in water. The driver will drive so fast and that this flying fish will stand at 90 degress which the tendency if you haven’t hold so hard you will fall into the water but don’t worry you have the life jacket and that’s the thrill of this flying fish. 

Both heart pounding activity but I’m proud that I have tried we only live once so make the most out it. Face your fear and enjoy!

Dinner at smoke restaurant ummh beef salpicao truly the best! I have a happy dinner by then.

After dinner it’s chill night no more partying hard because I’m saving my energy for tomorrow.

Boracay seashore and beautiful vintas

Day 3

Breakfast at real coffee yehey happy breakfast i have ate omelet ham and cheese with pesto and their very own calamansi muffins! This one is a must try!

My friend have tried the parasailing, since i have tried it before I’m not in, but still I go with them just strolling a ride in speed boat.

Then after we have this island hopping activity we’ve been at magical island were you can have cliff diving whenever you want for an hour. Me i have tried the second stage only which is 5meters high, for me cliff diving is more tolerable than that helmet diving. The next island is crocodile island where this island looks like crocodile what we do there is snorkeling lots of beautiful fishes and coral under the sea. Since we had so much fun at cliff diving we haven’t gone to Puka Beach one of famous island in Boracay also beacuse of its finest sand.

After island hopping we have our dinner at Toilet Restaurant so unique and cute, the chair, the plate and bowl all design was a toilet bowl so cute and there’s huge toilet bowl where you can pose and took a selfie. Also since this restaurant was design as comfort room the cutest is you can do vandalism in their wall.

Then back to the hotel for some refreshment then since it’s our last night back to party hard again. We have our red wine session at hotel first then smirnoff mule at exit bar then dancing wild and free again at summer place bar. Yeah! I love you Boracay!

piece of art in toilet restaurant

Day 4

We’re having a photo shoot at the shore and enjoying the last minute with sea, sand and sunkissed.

We have tried this Hallowich ice cream bar as it seem that all korean is keep on stopping at this place, well what’s good is you can order for a family sharing and it tastes good.

Then rummaging the outlets to buy some pasalubong. Me, I bought, ref magnet, earings made from capiz shell and post card. šŸ™‚

under the umbrella

Activity price

Helmet diving Php600.00

Flying fish Php600.00

Parasailing from my last visit january 26, 2013 the price is Php800.00 only but now it’s Php1200.00and you can ask the last price for Php1,100.00

Island hopping for 8 person boat is Php3,200 so 400/head, then you have an entrance at magical island which costing Php150 only it’s like environmental fee though.

Dinner at smoke restaurant food start at Php150.00

Dinner at toilet restaurant food start at Php250.00

Real coffe omelette price start Php260, then calamansi muffing Php60 with free brewed coffee

Pasalubong 3 ref magnet Php150, earings Php30, 2 post card Php50, suman kalibo Php25 pcs for Php250, piyaya (a flat dough stuffed with red beans) 3 for Php150

Entrace at calictan you have to pay the environmental fee Php50, terminal fee Php75, boat to boracay Php100.

Back to caticlan port

Tricycle Php25, boat to caticlan Php100, van to kalibo Php150, airport terminal fee Php250.

Aifare back and fort Php4550.00 via Cebu Pacific airlines.

This is my second visit in Boracay and I have enjoyed it so much, those water activities, the best place of watching sunrise and sunset, and especially the night life! Probably I will be back but it’s just more on chillin and just basking under the sun. 

“What happens in Boracay stays in Boracay.


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