Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur June 11 – 14, 2015

rock, sand, water and sky
rock, sand, water and sky

Caramoan Island is being well-known because of Survivor Reality TV Shows. Well I’m so proud to my country that we have lot of Islands and trying to persuade all the tourist to come and visit Philippines.

Here are some experiences that I wanted to share during Caramoan getaway.

We bought a package tour in i-FB Travel and Tours amounting Php4, 900.00.

This tour package is already included of the following:

  • 3D/2N hotel accommodation
  • Island Hopping tour (Survivor International Shooting Place)
  • Public boat transfer (from Sabang Port to Guijalo Port vice versa via MB Harry)
  • Full board meals.

We decided to travel at night of June 11, 2015 in order to catch up the first trip of public boat and to maximize our time for 4-5 Islands to hop as part of our itinerary.

Okay here we go our call time for transportation was 7:00PM but then the hired van provided by travel agency was late due to heavy traffic. They haven’t anticipated that such kind of traffic in Edsa especially that day because of long weekend Holiday, we are so late on the said call time perhaps it’s around 10:00PM that we left Manila. Still we’re thankful that in South bound there’s a very light traffic. It’s a long way trip from Manila to Sabang Port it will consume 8-9 hours drive and depends on your driver or if it’s traffic, this is also included all the stop over for use comfort rooms and the best way is to travel at night.

Still we haven’t reach the Sabang Port and we choose to have our breakfast at Bigg’s Diner this restaurant is very famous in Naga and they’re serving an fast food cuisine like breakfast meals, chicken meals, pasta dishes, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches, and desserts at very affordable prices. You shouldn’t missed dropping at Bigg’s Diner whenever you reach Naga Town Proper.

And then we arrived at Sabang Port at around 9:00AM lots of tourists are waiting for their turn to ride in public boat. We just arrived in time, but still we haven’t meet the allotted time for boat transfer it’s not just about there’s a lot of travelers because of long weekend perhaps there’s lacking of boat in order to accommodate all the travelers.

From Sabang Port to Guijalo Port boat ride it will consume almost two (2) hours trip but if the sea is calm this trip will be less than two (2) hours. Having said that, we just hit our turn in boat ride at around 2:30PM and we’re so late and we didn’t do our first activity for our Day 1 itinerary. We just decided to do it on our Day 2 itinerary so we compressed our time to visit all that 4-5 Islands.

So in Day 1 what we only do is road trip going to Sabang Port and a long wait of our turn to boat ride going to Guijalo Port. Upon checking in the Rex Tourist Inn Garden Resort we ate our super late lunch at around 5:00PM and they serve the dinner at around 8:00PM. Hehe (sorry if I have to laugh in this kind of experience). After the dinner we have group meeting about tomorrow’s itinerary and since it was a reunion from my previous company we just have a very quick getting to know each other. After that all of us head to our each room assignment and get some rest from that very long way travel.

In our Day 2 all of us woke up at exact 5:30AM and have our breakfast until 6:30AM. We have another coaster (mini bus) ride going to the port it will took a 10-15 minutes ride only. We are group of 27 person and we divided it into 3 boats for Island Hopping.

As much as I wanted to names all the Island that we’ve been to, but I cannot name them all the as our tourist guide “Kuya Den-Den” is not so very accommodating or not the kind of tourist guide that is so talkative to tell you all about this Island, what is the history behind, how they find this Island and so forth. Then we have one moment in one Island where there’s group of coast guards that asking us to go away to that Island because there’s an ongoing shooting of Survivor.

Still those 4-5 Island destination plus 2 stop of sank and swim I enjoyed the place, the white sand, saltwater, rock formation, blue sky, sun kissed, corals and fishes plus you have a group all that want is just to have fun and play.


rock formation
rock formation
Ola! Rock and Sea 🙂
After ending of Island hopping and getting back to the hotel after we have ate our dinner, we gathered each other and have some fun again.

We play cards named “Wink Murder” as per our friend Wikipedia, I didn’t know the name of that game so I have to Google it. J Having said, there’s five (5) group of subject. Those who got the King he/she should be the “Killer” winking is part of his killing, then the one who got the Ace will be the “Police” he/she will be the one who’ll going to find who’s winking to the commoner the “Commoner” are those people who get a normal numbers of cards, then there’s also a “Healer” those who got the Queen and part of his/her healing is by raising his/her eyebrow, then if you got the Jack you will be the “Judge” and part of the exciting job of the judge is to give different kind of consequences. Haha, I’m so lucky to this game and I’m the first Killer so the consequence that I got is to grab 4 Boys and we have to do a butt spell of “Caramoan”. Such a shame and yet fun. After all that night having fun we have to head again to each room to have our rest for the long way of travel again tomorrow.

On the Day 3 eating our breakfast we have checked out and have a coaster ride going to Guijalo Port we’re all praying and hoping that there’s no cause of delay again. Answered prayer and we just left the Guijalo Port in timely manner.

Then upon arriving to Sabang Port in right time we’re heading the Naga Town Proper and decided to drop at Basilica of Peñafrancia to sit down and solemnly pray. After that, we stop again in downtown to buy our “Pasalubong” waaaah Pili and Chili pepper invasion! We buy several of Pili delicacies like Yema Pili, Pili Mazapan, Pili Tart, Roasted Pili, chili flakes and lots of more. One thing that I haven’t bought is their famous Toasted Siopao (a bread having meat filling inside). One of my companions bought them all. I cannot buy to other bakery because they said that particular bakery (sorry I haven’t even got the name of bakery also) is the one who sell and discover first the said toasted siopao. Perhaps nextime…

Then we have our lunch in Tita Wines’ house as she’s originally from Naga City, she asked her mother to prepare the famous Laing (Gabi leaves, chili pepper and coconut milk), Bicol Express (meat, coconut milk, chili pepper and salted fish), Roasted duck, Tinolang Manok, Grilled Fish, and Buko Juice. I must say that this is the best meal ever I have eaten during my stay in Bicol Region. Thank you Tita Wines!

Then back again to our long way travel we just left at around 2:00PM in Naga City and had arrived Manila at 11:00PM it is a 9 hours travel including the stop over and traffic.

What to bring:

– 3D/2N clothes

– Personal toiletries

– Swimming gear, like goggles for snorkeling, etc..

– Sun blocked lotion

– Mosquito Repellant

– Camera and monopod

– Trash bag / Plastic bag for wet clothes



– Tour Package = Php4,900.00

– Breakfast at Bigg’s Diner = Php88.00 (ham and cheese omelet and coffee)

– Snorkeling gear = Php200.00

– Pasalubong = Php325.00 (various pili nut delicacies such as yema, mazapan, honey coated roasted pili nut)

Total expense = Php5,513.00


Time for Critique:

– The travel agency who provide us the package has lack of customer service; their provided itinerary was not met beyond our expectations.

– At Sabang Port what I have observe it is not a tourist friendly due to lacking of ferryboat so once they are all out for transfer to Guijalo Port what all tourist just have to do is wait long for their turn.

– The tourist guide has lack of public relations and customer service skills also, as he haven’t discuss to us what are the names of the Island that we hopped and the history beyond the Islands it’s seems like that he just accompanied us in the Island like one of the tourist.

– We all know that whenever we’re going to travel, food is one of the main factors in how to please us, from my entire stay in Rex Tourist Inn Garden Resort I just observed that they are very tight in serving the food aside from there’s no “wow or yummy” factor from the food they serve.

– Hotel rooms are quite nice but the water supply of each room was very low one reason is due to that our room assignment was located on a high place.

Caramoan Island is such a nice place and hope the community will preserve its beauty and also to all the travelers please help the community of Caramoan, please mind your waste kindly do not throw it in anywhere. Let’s love our nature as this is one of best gift from our Lord God that is truly a treasure.

And for my critique it’s just an observation that hope will help all the concern and to exert an effort to maintain their good relationship to their customer. Thank you so much for the experience Caramoan Island, hope we’ll see each other again!


signature back shot pose
my fave back shot pose






5 thoughts on “Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur June 11 – 14, 2015

  1. thank you for introducing this site, It was my dream to have my own blog. I hope this help me to express more of myself. and please help me as I am not yet familiar with these kind of things. LOL. thank you.


  2. well said. i just finished reading your post. you have written all the things anyone needs to know whenever he wants to visit Caramoan. To tell you i have heard so much about Caramoan and its beauty. i really want to visit Bicol in the Future, having read this made me want to go sooner. 🙂


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