Davao City February 28 – March 2, 2014

Yummy Pomelo Salad @ Jack's Ridge
Yummy Pomelo Salad @ Jack’s Ridge Hilltop

It is my first time to travel alone and I choose Davao City to be my first stop. At first I had a nervous feeling riding an airbus without accompanying with friends, relatives, or even special someone. I booked my flight in Air Asia Airlines lucky me that I got the cheapest air fare amounting Php1,323.20 and it’s already in round trip the reason why I got this promo fare due to typhoon Yolanda. I was amazed with AirAsia aibus and I kinda like it beacuse it’s too comfortable to move in the cabin and my knees are not bumping into the cabin in front of me. I had strong fascination riding in different airbuses from here I can compare who has the best customer service, comfortable seat, the food they serve, comfortable to move, clean rest room and especially during the fly, because sometimes when it’s cloudy there’s a tendency that airplaine is a bit shakey it seem like it is fighting against the wind and the clouds. I had arrived in Davao airport just in time, the smell of the wind breeze is like their famous jackfruit known as Durian. This amazed me a lot, very unique wind smell that would be one trademark of Davao, and I must say that I’m really here in Davao. I had checked in Uno Hotel a cheap hotel in downtown for those thrifty traveller their rates is starting Php650.00 per night. The room in overall is very clean and nice.

On first day I meet my dear friend Jenni and we stroll around in People’s Park, since my other colleague Sir Cel is also in Davao we have our reunion and have our dinner in Abreeza Mall and it is a seafood kinda night to all of us. After a long chatting we just parted ways and headed to each houses and me on the hotel.

Into the blue @ Paradise Island, Samal Island
Into the blue @ Paradise Island, Samal Island

On second day I just woke up at exactly 5:30 AM to fix my things as we are going to Samal Island with Jenni and family. We just rent a cottage in Paradise Island in Samal, the resort has its own aviary, small zoo and a park for leisure. The sand in the sea shore is fine and white, the water is clear and blue as sky, there’s no algae floating and even dead coral that sometimes you accidentally stepped on. I just love both soaking and basking under the sun. On this Island also, I have tasted the Durian shake, it’s so yummy and refreshing. There’s a different twist, because the strong odd smell which complement on its bittersweet taste. Still it’s nice and I really like Durian. We leave by 1:00 pm as the next itinerary is the Crocodile Park. Upon arriving in Crocodile Park secretly I’m in panicked mode because lot of Crocs is looking at me. But there’s more, the park offers amusement show that a man dancing in the thin wire and beneath lot of crocs are waiting for him if he fall. But then this guy is so keen on how he balance his self very carefully. After the show, they offer to hold or took some photos with the baby crocs and other animals in the park. Then after strolling the park I had my dinner at Jack’s Ridge Hilltop. I loved the overlooking view of City Proper. The place is too cozy and romantic and you’ll be wishing to be with your significant other. On that night I saw some cute group of friends preparing for something sweet surprises as one of their friend are going to propose his love to the girl she likes. That’s also one added drama that makes the place so romantic. It is so cute that they prepared bunch of balloons, flower petals everywhere and and candle light of each every stares. Surely you’ll love the view and the vibes to the Jack’s Ridge. If you’re in love, alone and sad, happy and or whatever crazy emotion you have right now, I must say that Jack’s Ridge is the best place to be with. After the dinner just heads up to Lola Abons the famous store and founder of Durian Yema! Durian is one of my favorite fruit even if it has an odd smell. My friend also says that it’s one kind of aphrodisiac too. I just love it. If you’re able to visit in Davao please don’t forget to drop by in Lola Abons to buy your “pasalubong” I bet you love the durian yema too! By the way, they put some different flavors like pineapple durian yema, cheese durian yema, ube durian yema and etc.., but since I am a coffee lover so obviously my favorite is coffee durian yema aside from the original flavor.

Flowerbeds @ Eden Nature Park
Flowerbeds @ Eden Nature Park

On the third and last day final itinerary is the Eden Nature Park! A long way drive again to the hill, but worth seeing a place like Eden. Lots of different varieties of flowers, shrubs and herbs, and trees. I’m a nature lover and I’m so happy to see God’s creation. Strolling was not yet over as we go to Malagos Garden Resort where I saw the Waling-waling up close this is a kind of orchids where you can only see here in Philippines, then go to Philippine Eagle Park where all the different kinds of eagles, owls and birds resides. So at dinner time even it is month of March and a bit cold my friend recommended to have our dinner in Ice Giants it is along the Ecoland in Davao. I love the food they serve pizza, pasta, potato wedges, nachos, and their specialty ice crazed with fruits and ice cream on top and i ordered the Mango Ice Giants, I super love it! The ice is so soft and makes your brain freeze! Guys please don’t forget to eat and chill in Ice Giants. I super recommend this food place if you’re a ice cold food lover.

The thing I have noticed during my stay in Davao first that totally amazed me is the wind breeze that smells Durian, all the menu at restaurant in Davao they serve Durian either on dessert, cakes, shakes or sometimes an experimental food having Durian as one of the main ingredients, the people of Davao are very nice and kind, and most of all the low cost of living even though you’re in the City, it’s seems like you’re in Manila but not as polluted as we know.

Guys try to travel alone also, make friends, know the tradition and culture, and most of all always smile.

Thank you Davao City feels like home on my short stayed! I’m deeply in love with you and fascinated the beauty of your nature! I’ll see you soon then!



3 thoughts on “Davao City February 28 – March 2, 2014

  1. wow. you’ve been to Davao na pala. hehe. i am commending you for that. it was also my dream to travel alone, but i dont think i can do it sooner as i am afraid of being alone. but i will i conquer that fear on the near future. haha.


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