Cagbalete Island May 1 – 3, 2015

Good morning Cagbalete Island
Good morning Cagbalete Island
Lets take a walk @ Cagbalete Island
Lets take a walk @ Cagbalete Island
Rays of sunshine
Rays of sunshine

Cagbalete a new found Island that I didn’t know that there’s a place like this exist in Mauban Quezon. A place where you can escape in the busy Metro, a pure relaxation to lessen those stressed from work.

Here are some tips how to get there and things to do in Cagbalete Island.

How to get there:

– Ride a bus Jacliner from Cubao Terminal to Lucena Grand Terminal, try to get the 12:00am trip if you want to catch up the public boat in Mauban Port.

– From Lucena terminal another ride to NCR bus going to Mauban Sabang.

– Once arrived in Mauban port you have to register to their tourism costing Php50.00, if you arrived early and catch up the public boat the fare ticket cost is Php50.00, the public boat trip is 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM only.

– If you checked in at Nilandingan Cove it is a 2 boat ride if you choose the public boat, upon arriving at Sabang Cagbalete you have to ride another boat which costs Php700.

– Therefore if you’re group of four (4) or more try to rent a private boat their rate starts at 1500/2pax and it is a back and forth ride already. I think you can saved a little if you hire the private boat and you will have a spare time to arrive early in the Island.

First choose your accommodation either you rent a tent or rent a nippa hut. But I suggest on your first night try to rent the nippa hut and on the next night try the tent as part of experience when you’re in an Island like Cagbalete. I had stayed in Nilandingan Cove in Sabang Cagbalete Island, their tents rate starts at Php500.00/2pax and the nippa hut rates start at Php1500/4pax. For the meals, for group of friends it’s better to bring can goods and marinated food that will be good for three (3) days supplies as their no refrigerator in the Island because the current supply is only at night. If your two (2) pax only I guess it’s still better to bring your own food because the meal package in Nilandingan is a bit pricey due to that they have to monitor the food supplies since they cannot stock like frozen foods. They have a set meal and the price range starts at Php800.00, it should be ordered ahead of time so they can have it on their list to buy in the market since they are not able to stock food due to absence refrigerator and electrical supply. Nilandingan Cove is the perfect resort to stay aside from being secluded in different resorts on Cagbalete, the family who runs the resort are very accommodating and hands on to their guest and staff. It is my first time to see the owner who personally serve to their guest, oh they’re so kind. They also have time to ask you how’s your stay in their resorts, they always smiles at you and always assist what you need, overall they have a good service. The only thing they are lacking is the comfort room because their public restroom serves only four (4) persons which may cause you to wait a little longer. Good thing they keep their comfort rooms clean even there’s a lot of people using.

Nilandingan Cove, Cagbalete Island
Nilandingan Cove, Cagbalete Island

What to do in Nilandingan Cove:

– Try to soaked in what they so-called Nature’s Jacuzzi you can see this during low tide.

– Stroll into the woods, feel the creepiness and see the oldest Balete tree, the locals called it Nakahigang Balete.

– Try to chat with the local kids of Sabang, they’re so sweet and so kind.

– Check-out the Magical Tree where the local says that there is an Engkanto residing to this tree because during low tide its roots were so clean and seems like there is someone sweeping it.

Magical tree
Magical tree

– Walk along the mangroves untill you reach the dead end. 🙂 Had a sense of fulfillment if you give it a try. 🙂

Walking along mangroves till reach the dead end 😝

– At night, walk along the shore and witness how the gravity pulling away the seawater from the shore. Best activity ever!!!

– Stargazing, it’s best if you can see the shooting star, lucky that I saw one. It’s really worth the wait though.

The beachfront is not the same as what you think like Palawan and Boracay as there’s a lack of locals to maintain the cleaning up of the floating seaweeds, so guys if ever you get there in Cagbalete Island, please try to avoid littering so we can preserve the beauty of our nature.



4 thoughts on “Cagbalete Island May 1 – 3, 2015

  1. Nice ate Gazelle, I like the shots i hope i can take photos as beautiful as yours. i’ve been to Cagbalete but i think you enjoy it unlike we do. We didnt enjoy that much, but still i am Fascinated at its Beauty and like what you said it is perfect for unwinding or stress releasing. 🙂


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